Please see below for the manufacturer's warranty policy. For the most up-to-date warranty information, please visit the manufacturer's website directly.
Case Logic is dedicated to providing quality products. Every product is quality tested and is guaranteed for the term reflected on its packaging against defects in materials and workmanship. Case Logic's quality guarantee applies only when products have been put to the use intended by Case Logic and specifically excludes defects from misuse, use beyond a product's intended purpose or coincidental or consequential damage. This warranty specifically excludes damages to items stored or carried in Case Logic products.
Guarantee Durations by product type:
25 Year Quality Guarantee*
  • All media products (except leather products and media storage racks)
  • All computer cases (except wheeled products and computer accessories)
  • All automotive products (except rooftop products)
  • All photo/video products (excluding universal pockets)
  • Backpacks
    10 Year Quality Guarantee*
    • All luggage products
    • 5 Year Quality Guarantee*
    • All wheeled laptop cases
      2 Year Quality Guarantee*
      • All computer accessory products
      • All leather products
      • All rooftop products
      • All home organization products
      • All garage products
      • All garden products
      • All music storage racks
      • Produced under license in United States market
      • Cosmetic bags
      • Soft travel cases in styles not sold by Licensor as of the date of this Agreement
      • Universal pockets
      • Work/function/lifestyle totes
      • Women's wallets
      • Children's camera cases
      • Men's products
      • All Toiletries cases (produced under license in United States market)
      • All products marketed to men including, among other things, small leather goods (both natural and man-made)
      • All functional wallets
        * Please refer to original packaging for Case Logic's Quality Guarantee duration or contact your regional Case Logic office to verify the correct duration of a guarantee. For any products not listed above, contact your regional Case Logic office for Guarantee term confirmation.
        Returns Policy
        If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase; you may return it to the original place of purchase within 30 days of the purchase date for a refund or replacement.
        Quality Guarantee Claims
        Case Logic fully complies with all applicable European and national rules and regulations regarding the sale of consumer goods and associated guarantees and this Quality Guarantee does not in any way affect the rights you may enjoy as a consumer under the national legislation applicable to your sale agreement with Case Logic.
        In case of a defective product, Case Logic will replace it at no additional costs to you. In the event such replacement is not possible, Case Logic will provide you with a replacement of similar value.
        Please contact your regional Case Logic office for warranty claims:
        United States & Canada
        2420 Trade Centre Avenue, Ste. A
        Longmont, CO 80503
        (303) 652-1000
        To submit a warranty request via email, please fill out Case Logic's Warranty Request Form and email it to Case Logic.

        If you have any questions, please let Case Logic know by visiting their website.