Travelon Gear & Accessories: 10 Must-Have Items

Travelon Gear & Accessories: 10 Must-Have Items

For nearly 50 years, Travelon has been an industry leader, dedicated to providing innovative travel solutions for its customers. At Travaloo, we offer a huge selection of helpful Travelon products that can help you organize, keep you safer and make travel easier in general.  While we love all of our Travelon gear and accessories, here’s a look at 10 must-have items for every traveler.

1. Travelon CLEAN Personal Air Purifier

    This personal air purifier is one of the most unique products we’ve come across in the world of travel gear. Travelers wear the lightweight purifier around their neck and the device purifies the air in a six-foot square area around the wearer.

    At the touch of a button, the device outputs 10 million purifying ions per second, and these ions attach to everything from bacteria and viruses to smoke, pollen and more. Once these toxins attach to the negative ions, they sink to the ground. We highly recommend this product for anyone with allergies, asthma and breathing issues as well as those with a compromised immune system.

    2. Travelon CLEAN UV Sanitizer Box

      This sanitizer weighs less than a pound and is perfect for keeping items clean at home or on the go. The box can quickly sanitize smartphones, credit cards, pacifiers, jewelry, sunglasses, car keys and many other small items. The UV-C lights kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria in just three minutes or less.

      3. Travelon Neck Pillows

        Long flights can be, well, a pain in the neck, but Travelon has designed several different types of travel pillows that can boost your comfort. Travelon has two inflatable pillows, which are easy to store, as well as Somniwrap Travel Pillow, which folds up compactly to fit in just about any Travelon bag.

        The Cooling Gel Neck Pillow is one of our favorites, and this pillow affords excellent support in any position, as well as providing light pressure to your neck area, which can relax your muscles. We also sell Travelon foam pillows, a microbead pillow and a cozy travel blanket so that you never have to use one of those dubious airline blankets again.

        4. Travelon Pressure Reducing Earplugs

          These reusable earplugs are meant to last for years, and they can provide you with much-needed pressure reduction. If you are tired of enduring ear pain or discomfort on most flights, this could be a great option to consider. They also boast a noise reduction rating of 26dB, which can make it easier for you to get some sleep and relax.

          5. Travelon Luggage Scales

            These days airlines tend to charge hefty fees for overweight bags, but with Travelon’s lightweight luggage scales, you can rest assured that all of your luggage is within weight limits. Travelon offers a basic scale with a handy tape measure that can handle bags up to 75 pounds as well as two handheld scales with digital readouts that can handle up to 110 pounds.

            As a side note, be sure to research your specific airline for restrictions regarding bag and suitcase sizes and weights. For instance, many airlines restrict the size of carry-ons to 22 inches or less, and most international carriers restrict both the size and weight of your carry-on baggage.

            We have a large selection of lightweight carry-on bags from Bric’s Luggage and Delsey Paris luggage, but before you purchase a bag, make note of the weight and the overall size to ensure that it fits your travel needs.

            6. Travelon Packing Cubes & Organizers

              While our Bric’s luggage sets and Delsey Paris luggage sets are known for their spacious interiors, Travelon’s packing cubes and organizers can further increase your packing space. Packing cubes allow you to compress clothing thus creating more room, but they also allow you to keep outfits together or separate clean items from dirty clothing.

              Travelon also offers a set of 7 see-through packing envelopes, and these are great for organizing small, easy-to-lose items. You can place charging cords and earbuds in one envelope, hair accessories in another envelope and scarves or makeup in others. The possibilities are endless, and you will love how much more organized and efficient travel becomes with these packing aids.

              7. Travelon Flat-Out Hanging Toiletry Kit

                This is the ultimate, space-saving toiletry kit. The interior includes four secure zippered pouches, loops for makeup brushes and two slip pockets that can hold everything from shampoos to makeup to lotion and more.

                You can roll it to create a compact toiletry kit or lay it flat in your suitcase, depending on your needs, and never worry that the items inside will soil the clothing and gear in your suitcase.

                8. Travelon RFID Blocking Undergarment Pouches

                  This pouch can be worn under clothing comfortably to prevent theft from pickpockets. The RFID blocking technology also can ensure that your credit card information and your identity are protected. The pouch has plenty of room for your passport, credit cards, tickets, boarding passes and cash. The back air mesh panel even helps you stay cool on hot days.

                  9. Travelon Tech Organizers

                    Are you tired of hunting for charging cables, adapters and other tech gear? These days we all travel with tons of tech, and Travelon has several organizers with zippered pouches that keep everything separate and secure. Our personal favorite is the foldable Deluxe Tech Accessory Organizer which includes two see-through zippered mesh pouches, three slip pockets (perfect for cable organization) and a secure zippered pouch for your laptop charger or a power bank.

                    10. Travelon Bags

                      We may have saved the best for last, and while we’ve lumped “bags” into a single category, Travelon has just about any type of bag, purse or tote you might want including many anti-theft styles with RFID-blocking sleeves for your credit cards and passport.


                      Travelon purses and bags include Travelon crossbody bags that are comfortable to tote and improve your security, as well as Travelon anti-theft backpacks, belt bags, messenger bags and attractive tote bags. No matter what styles and colors you love, Travelon will have a bag that is sure to entice your sensibilities.

                      On our site, you also can find a variety of RFID-blocking Travelon wallets that you can tuck inside your Travelon bag. We particularly like the Family Passport Zip Wallet which securely holds up to six passports as well as other IDs, boarding passes, credit cards and tickets in one secure spot. There’s also a zippered pouch for coins and cash.

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