The Delsey Suitcase Vs. The Delsey Duffel

The Delsey Suitcase Vs. The Delsey Duffel

The Delsey Suitcase Vs. The Delsey Duffel

There are many crucial decisions in life and whether to choose a Delsey suitcase or opt for a Delsey duffel is just one of them. Fortunately, with award-winning Delsey Paris luggage, either option will feature high-quality materials and an attractive design, and we’ve compiled a list of pros and cons to help guide you to the best option for your personal travel needs.

The Suitcase Options: Pros & Cons

Pro #1 –

  • Organization: Suitcases often have multiple compartments and pockets, which makes it easier to organize your belongings.

Pro #2 –

  • Protection: Hard-shell suitcases can offer more protection for fragile items.

Pro #3 –

  • Mobility: Many suitcases come with wheels and a telescoping handle, which can make them easier to transport, especially in airports.

Con #1 –

  • Size and Weight: Traditional suitcases can be bulkier and heavier than duffel bags, making them less convenient to carry around, especially in crowded areas. Of course, many Delsey suitcases are surprisingly lightweight and they also include features such as handles and wheels for easy transport.

Con# 2 –

  • Storage: When not in use, suitcases can take up a lot of storage space. Of course, some smaller Delsey suitcases can be stored inside larger cases for convenience.

Con# 3 –

  • Overpacking: The larger size of suitcases can lead to a temptation to overpack, which might result in extra baggage fees.

The Duffel Option: Pros & Cons

Pro #1 –

  • Flexibility: Duffel bags are more flexible than hard-shell suitcases, allowing them to fit in tight spaces, such as overhead compartments or car trunks.

Pro #2 –

  • Lightweight: Duffels are often lighter than traditional suitcases, making them easier to carry and many Delsey duffels store flat, which can be another convenient pro over a suitcase.

Pro #3 –

  • Simplicity: Duffel bags are usually simple with one large compartment, which could make packing and unpacking faster.

Con# 1–

  • Organization: The lack of compartments in most duffel bags can make organization more challenging. However, we do offer handy Travelon packing cubes, which can save space and help keep you as organized as possible.

Con# 2 –

  • Security: Duffel bags often offer less protection for fragile items and may be less secure than suitcases.

Con# 3 –

  • Carrying: Carrying a duffel bag over long distances can be more physically demanding than rolling a suitcase. Delsey Paris does offer several rolling duffels, which can negate this issue.

5 Crucial Packing Tips

With spacious Delsey luggage, packing is far less of a chore than it might be with other luggage brands, but packing still can be a daunting task. Follow our tips, and you’ll find that preparing for a trip is as easy as possible.

Make A List

Before you even get out your Delsey suitcase (or duffel) grab some paper and a pen and jot down a list of everything you need to pack. Include categories for clothing, toiletries, medications, documents, electronics and anything else you need to bring along. Once you pack each item, cross it off the list to ensure that you haven’t forgotten important items.

Use Packing Cubes

Earlier we suggested using packing cubes to help keep items in your duffel organized, but these cubes are just as handy as a traditional suitcase. Cubes can compress clothing to allow you more space and they can keep everything organized. As your trip progresses, cubes can keep clean and soiled clothing separate. Again, we carry an assortment of Travelon packing cubes here at Travaloo.

Pack Heavier Items At The Bottom

Placing heavy items at the bottom of your case can help to keep your bag balanced, especially if you plan on using a duffel. With a wheeled suitcase (or wheeled duffel), this strategy also prevents lighter items from being crushed.

Fill Up Dead Space

Rolling up clothing can save space and allow you to pack smaller items in areas of dead space in a suitcase or duffel. Stuffing rolled-up socks or underwear and placing them inside shoes also can save space, although we do recommend limiting the number of shoes you bring on a trip, if possible.

Keep Essentials In Your Carry-On

It’s always best to keep all travel documents, medications and valuable items in your Delsey Paris carry-on or in your personal item. This ensures that even if your checked luggage is lost, you still have all of your most critical items with you. Packing a carry-on with a couple of changes of clothes is always a smart idea, just in case something happens to the checked luggage.

Why Delsey Paris Luggage?

Whether you opt for a Delsey suitcase or a Delsey duffel, there are several reasons to consider purchasing Delsey Paris luggage. Delsey Paris has been producing quality travel gear for more than 70 years and is well known for its quality, durability and innovative designs. 

Delsey Paris offers customers a wide range of luggage types, sizes, and styles and we have them all here at Travaloo. Whether you need a hard-shell suitcase, a lightweight carry-on, or a duffel bag, Delsey Paris likely has a product that fits your needs.

While Delsey luggage may come with a higher price tag than other lower-quality brands, this award-winning manufacturer consistently produces suitcases, duffels and bags that not only provide you with a maximum amount of storage but also last for many years. They say you get what you pay for, and with Delsey, you get high-quality luggage that can handle the rigors of transport, which brings consumers great peace of mind.

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