Delsey Luggage: Free Shipping & Free Returns

Delsey Luggage: Free Shipping & Free Returns

If you’ve been searching for Delsey luggage at affordable prices, Travaloo offers a huge selection of Delsey luggage at great prices, and all orders include free shipping and free returns. Here’s a quick look at some of our most popular Delsey items.

Delsey Luggage Sets

It’s always smart to opt for a Delsey Luggage set and we offer several different options. The Delsey St. Tropez 3-Piece Nest includes a 21-inch carry-on, a 24-inch Delsey suitcase, and a 28-inch Delsey suitcase. This set is available in pink, platinum, navy, and black.

The Delsey Chatelet Air 3-piece set is another popular option, and this also includes the 21-inch carry-on and a 24-inch and 28-inch suitcase. This set is available in a deep navy color or the stylish Angora option with a classic brown trim.

The Delsey Chatelet line is one of the company’s most popular styles and in addition to the 3-piece set, there are many individual pieces you can purchase at Travaloo, including the 2-wheel under-seat case, backpack, roomy 26-inch trunk, and the smaller 19-inch carry-on.

Delsey Carry-Ons

Delsey has a wide range of carry-on options. The 19-inch Delsey Clavel is a durable option suitable for international travel and weighs in at just 5.2 pounds. Of course, Delsey also offers larger 20-inch and 21-inch carry-on bags in their Titanium, Chatelet Air, Sky Max and Delsey Helium Aero lines. Keep in mind, that the Clavel bag is the lightest in weight, which can be important.

Delsey carry-ons and luggage tend to provide you with much more interior room than similar-sized bags from other manufacturers, but before you head to the airport with your carry-on, it’s important to ensure that you understand the carry-ons guidelines for your specific airlines.

Even if your carry-on size is within limits, some airlines have significant weight restrictions for carry-ons, especially if you purchased economy-class tickets. For instance, if you are traveling via Air New Zealand or Qantas, these airlines have a strict 15-pound weight limit for carry-ons in the economy seats and if your bag is over this weight, it will be checked as cargo. Other airlines cap the weight at 20 pounds or allow up to 40 or even 50 pounds, so it’s important to consider weight as well as size.

Delsey Duffels & Bags

There’s a Delsey bag to suit just about any style, from the sleek Firenze bags to the sporty Nomad Roland-Garros-style bags.  The Delsey Raspail Rolling Duffel Carry-On weighs in at just 4.7 pounds and is eco-friendly, constructed from durable, recycled polyester.

The Delsey Chatelet Air Weekender Duffel is a popular option for those fun weekend trips or perhaps a longer trip where you want a few crucial items to stay with you in the cabin. This spacious, yet lightweight bag can slip easily onto the rolling bag for convenience and includes a handy removable pouch for your small accessories as well as a toiletry bag.

Delsey also offers an array of attractive backpacks, toiletry bags and under-seat bags in all of their most popular styles. The Delsey Chatelet collection even includes a roomy shoulder bag, so you can truly travel in style with matching suitcases, toiletry cases and a tote bag or shoulder bag.

Why Delsey Luggage?

While Delsey Paris luggage consistently receives high ranks from publications such as Travel & Leisure, they’ve also been innovators in the luggage industry since the 1940s. In fact, Delsey was the first luggage brand to offer a hard-sided suitcase and one with wheels. There are many luggage manufacturers out there, but few can boast the years of experience that Delsey possesses . . .

Picture It. Paris. 1946. Years of war have finally ceased, and travelers can explore the world again. Ocean liners can once again sail the seas and advances in airline travel have made it easier than ever before to reach every corner of the globe. All one needs, aside from a rich sense of adventure, is a set of high-quality luggage that can handle the rigors of travel with a sense of style.

It is in this year that Delsey Paris was born, and travelers soon identified the Delsey brand with quality and that “je ne sais quois” that one can only attain from a Parisian manufacturer.

More than 75 years later, travelers still associate the Delsey Paris brand with quality, style and a sense of adventure. And, after several years of a global pandemic, we need that sense of freedom that travel provides and your Delsey luggage can handle travel by train, plane or automobile with ease.

Delsey luggage is built to last and notably provides you with an abundance of space, allowing everything to fit perfectly in just a few pieces of luggage. With wheels and handles, Delsey suitcases and carry-ons are easy to maneuver through a crowded airport or train station.

Why Travaloo?

At Travaloo, all of our products are tested for strength, durability and performance. Luggage can be a big investment, and our testing provides customers with peace of mind that all of the luggage we sell is of the highest quality, including our Delsey luggage.

We also offer free shipping on every item in our online store, as well as free returns. If you discover that an item doesn’t suit your needs, send it back to us at no charge. And, or course, we offer secure online shopping.

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