Delsey Chatelet: Destination Greece

Delsey Chatelet: Destination Greece

If you and your Delsey Chatelet luggage are heading to Greece, here are a few tips for you.

Henry Miller once wrote, “it takes a lifetime for someone to discover Greece, but it only takes an instant to fall in love with her.” We quite agree that Greece is mysterious, full of ancient secrets and picturesque charm, and if you and your Delsey Chatelet luggage are heading to Greece, we have a few tips to make your journey as memorable as possible.


Where To Go

Some travelers stick to the mainland, others prefer the Greek isles and still others want a mix of both. If you have only a few days in Greece, it’s wise to pick one spot and explore that area. If you have a couple of weeks (or more), then you can enjoy a mix of both island life as well as hitting some great spots on the mainland. In general, though, we recommend creating an itinerary suitable to your tastes.

For instance, if you love history, you might be content to spend your time in Athens, hitting up sites such as the Temple of Olympia Zeus and the Acropolis, but there’s so much more to Greece than Athens and the entire country is packed with amazing historic sites and museums.

Thessaloniki, Ioannina and Kastoria, for instance, offer an abundance of historic and picturesque beauty on the mainland. Ancient churches, castles, historic bridges, museums and much more await travelers to these cities.

Rhodes can be a perfect spot to consider because it ticks off several boxes. It’s filled with historic charm (Monolithos Castle, the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes, etc.), but it’s also an island with stunning views and idyllic beaches.

Corfu, Mykonos, Crete and Santorini are islands popular with tourists, but there are thousands of islands, and it’s not difficult to find a stunning option away from the crowds where you can enjoy a true glimpse of life on a Greek island. Linger over a meal at a taverna, walk through the village street in search of treasures and bask on a white sand beach and gaze at the crystal blue waters.  


To Tour Or Not To Tour

Many tour companies offer 7-day, 10-day and even two-week tours of Greece and this can be a good option to consider if you want to hit the hot spots and love having the days organized for you. With tours, you also tend to move from place to place in groups, so if you enjoy a more social travel experience, this might be a great fit.

However, you also can create your own tour without a guide and go it alone. Use the typical tour destinations as a guide to help you plan. Then, research each place to see if it suits your inclinations as a traveler. You also could combine a short 7-day tour with a few days spent on your own on a specific island or town. This will allow you to hit the high spots and still have a few days to truly immerse yourself in Greek culture.


Food & Drink

When Americans think of Greek cuisine, we tend to think of items such as gyros and spanakopita and salads crumbled with feta cheese. While you will find amazing versions of these in Greece, the cuisine is far more diverse than what we enjoy in the states.

One of the perks of a visit to Greece is that, aside from the spectacular pastries and delectable savory pies, Greek cuisine is considered to be some of the healthiest in the world so you can enjoy some guilt-free indulgences in many cases.

Greeks also produce a wide array of interesting liquors and many fine wines. Of course, we all know about ouzo, the most famous Greek liquor. We definitely recommend giving ouzo a try but also consider sampling mextaza or tsipouro or souma.

If you love coffee, Greek coffee is going to be one of the culinary highlights of your time in Greece. Pair it up with some freshly-baked koulouri and you have a perfect breakfast to enjoy before heading out and exploring the area.

For lunch, consider hopping into a taverna and sampling items from a mezze menu. This might include a platter with chunks of the best feta cheese, pita bread, tzatziki and olives or small plates with items such as dolmades, kolokithokeftedes, keftedes and octopus or calamari. Be sure to ask for a small glass of chilled tsipouro to accompany your feast.

For dinner, try to sample something different every night and stick with some of the local specialties to truly immerse yourself in the experience. If you are by the sea, be sure to enjoy what the ocean has to offer, as the fresh seafood can be remarkable.


Prepare For The Journey

While packing up your Delsey luggage, getting your passport up-to-date and buying airline tickets is important, the best way to prepare for a destination such as Greece is to truly get into the spirit of the journey.

Grab a couple of Mary Stewart novels (maybe My Brother Michael or This Rough Magic) or perhaps reread some of those myths your learned in high school or perhaps Gerald Durrell’s My Family and Other Animals.

You also could watch The Durrells in Corfu, which chronicles Gerald and his family as they resided in pre-World War II Corfu. For more movie research try Zorba the Greek, My Life In Ruins or Opa! Of course, there are also countless guidebooks and histories of Greece that might be intriguing and be sure to read them whilst listening to some traditional Greek music.


Why Delsey Chatelet Luggage?

A Delsey suitcase was never meant to stay in a closet. Delsey luggage is meant to trek across the globe searching for adventure, romance and relaxation. From a more practical standpoint, Delsey luggage is the perfect partner in any journey because, while stylish, it’s tough and durable and able to handle flights, trips by rail and rocking about on rickety boats to reach that perfect, hidden Greek island.

At Delsey Paris, the designers also have created luggage with an extraordinary amount of interior space. You can pack an extra sweater for a chilly evening and your favorite little black dress or save some space for a box of baklava, some handmade olive oil soap or perhaps a miniature statue of Aphrodite or Athena. Just be sure to pack the olives, honey, feta and ouzo from the duty-free shop in your spacious Delsey Chatelet carry-on.

Delsey Chatelet is one of Delsey’s most iconic collections, and luggage and bags are available in several colors. The Delsey Chatelet Air collection also is created using recycled materials and features vegan leather trim, making this an eco-friendly choice.

TSA accepted locks, extendable handles and dual density wheels are a few of the helpful features you’ll find on your Delsey suitcases. Delsey’s patented Securitech® Zip is another stellar feature, and this zipper is three times stronger and more secure than a standard luggage zipper. Inside you’ll find tie-down straps and zippered dividers, as well as laundry bags and shoe bags.


What To Pack

When packing for Greece, your first step should be to research the weather. Summers in Greece are typically warm and sunny throughout the country, but these warm temperatures often run from May well into November. Even in the summer, it can be wise to pack a light sweater in case the nights are cool.

You’ll find cobblestone streets and uneven terrain throughout Greece, so we highly recommend packing comfortable walking shoes. Bringing along a foldable hat is a good idea, as well, to block some of the sun’s rays or, if you prefer a bit more Hollywood glamor, pack your Grace Kelly scarf and tie that around your hair in a fashionable way. Sunscreen and sunglasses are also must-have items when visiting Greece, especially in the summer.

In general, when it comes to attire, Greece is a fairly conservative country, and the inhabitants tend to dress fairly modestly. If you plan to visit any churches, modest dress is always appreciated, such as a pair of khakis and a nice shirt or a sundress with a light sweater.


Shopping for Delsey Luggage?

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