Brics Luggage: Your World-Class Travel Companion

Brics Luggage: Your World-Class Travel Companion

Brics Luggage: Your World-Class Travel Companion

At Travaloo, we curate the finest luggage and travel gear in the world, which is why we are a proud supplier of Bric’s luggage. Whether you are looking for suitcases, carry-ons, duffels, backpacks or other Brics items, you can find whatever you need at Travaloo, and we always include free shipping and free returns.

Facts About Brics Luggage

Brics was founded in 1952 in Milan, Italy, a city hailed as one of the world’s foremost leaders in fashion and design.  Brics quickly became a top manufacturer of fine leather luggage and bags and is still one of the most respected luggage brands in the world. The business has been family-owned since its inception, as well, which likely has ensured the brand’s continual commitment to quality and innovation.

Brics luggage is available in a wide range of materials. For instance, the Bric’s Bellagio luggage series is built out of durable polycarbonate while the Bric’s Ulisse line and the Bric’s Capri line are built of polycarbonate. Both of these materials are waterproof and impact-resistant, which means they can truly stand up to the rigors of travel.

If you prefer a softer material, Bric’s luggage is available with a polyamide material with a PVC coating. This feels a bit like a sturdy canvas but is a tougher material and the PVC coating adds strength and water and moisture resistance. The Bric’s Siena and Bric’s X-Collection lines also are made of this same tough material. The popular Bric’s Firenze collection is crafted out of PVC, which mimics fabric but provides a far higher level of durability and protection.

Another advantage of these materials is that they are extremely lightweight, which means you can pack more and worry less about airline weight restrictions. The materials also are easy to clean and repel stains, which means they will maintain their attractive appearance for many years.

In addition to durability and style, Bric’s is also known for its innovative designs and each bag or Bric’s suitcase is designed with today’s modern travelers in mind. For instance, many of Bric’s luggage pieces are equipped with TSA-approved locks, which provide you with extra security and some peace of mind.

Many pieces of luggage include built-in compartments and pockets, which makes it easy to keep your belongings organized and within easy reach. Of course, many pieces also include handles and wheels, to make it easier for travelers to navigate crowded spaces in airports and train stations.

Our Selection Of Bric’s Luggage

At Travaloo, we offer a huge selection of Bric’s luggage including pieces from the following collections:

  • Bric’s Amalfi
  • Bric’s Bellagio
  • Bric’s Capri
  • Bric’s Firenze
  • Bric’s Life
  • Bric’s Monte Rosa
  • Bric’s Porsche
  • Bric’s Siena
  • Bric’s Ulisse
  • Bric’s X-Collection

Of course, within each of those collections, you will find an assortment of luggage and bag styles, from a traditional Bric’s suitcase to Bric’s carry-on luggage and a myriad of Bric’s bags.

Full-sized Bric’s suitcases are available in 26-inch, 27-inch, 28-inch, 30-inch and 32-inch sizes. Rolling carry-on suitcases are available in 21-inch sizes, and Bric’s also offers rolling, carry-on duffels in the 21-inch size. They also offer handheld bags and duffels in many sizes, from the roomy 22-inch Bric’s Life Cargo Duffel and Bric’s Siena Carry-on Duffel to weekender bags, backpacks, under-seat pilot cases and crossbody bags and totes.

Carry-On Restrictions

While Bric’s luggage is available in many carry-on styles that meet airline size restrictions, we always recommend weighing your bag and ensuring that you meet carry-on weight requirements, especially with international travel.

For instance, some carriers restrict carry-on weight to just 15 pounds in economy class, so if you’ve booked an economy fare, be sure to check your airline’s regulations. Fortunately, Bric’s luggage tends to be very lightweight, which allows the user to pack more items than you might be able to with another luggage brand.

For instance, the handheld Bric’s Firenze 22-inch Cargo Duffel weighs just 3.1 pounds and the roomy, fully-lined interior can hold all you need for a fun weekend getaway. The Firenze collection is exceptionally beautiful, as well, with stylish leather handles and accouterments. Additionally, this bag includes a transparent pouch for liquids that must be inspected by airport security personnel and a handy side pocket with a zipper. This case also includes a shoulder strap or can be secured onto any wheeled carry-on case.

Hard cases such as the Bric’s Bellagio 21-inch Carry-On Spinner also are fairly lightweight at just 7.1 pounds. The Bric’s Capri 21-inch Carry-on Spinner weighs just 5.5 pounds. One of our favorites, the Bric’s Capri 21-Inch Carry-On with Pocket weighs 6.6 pounds and includes a handy front pocket where you can store an assortment of documents and other gear that you need easily accessible.

Purchase Bric’s Luggage Online Now

In addition to our selection of Bric’s luggage and bags, we also have a large selection of Delsey luggage and bags. Both of these brands are renowned for their quality and style, and, of course, as with all of the products on our website, all sales include free shipping and free returns, if needed.