Delsey St. Tropez Luggage stacked on itself with young woman ready to travel

Delsey St. Tropez Luggage: The Perfect Travel Companion

Imagine a travel companion that’s reliable, adaptable, resilient, helpful and, dare we say, aesthetically pleasing. Finding this much perfection might seem impossible, but Delsey St. Tropez luggage ticks all of these boxes and more, making it your perfect companion for business or pleasure travel.


Innovative Design

Delsey Paris is known for its innovative designs, and one of the perks of any Delsey suitcase is the roomy interior. The interiors also include tie-down straps and a zippered divider with a lined pocket and shoe pockets. The case also expands by up to two inches for additional packing space if needed.

Inside view of Delsey St. Tropez Luggage

Of course, the Delsey St. Tropez collection is one of the company’s most popular styles and is available in four distinct hues. Pink can be a great option for the adventurous traveler that enjoys a bit of whimsy.

If you prefer a more classic suitcase style, the platinum St. Tropez cases are an ideal option. For those that prefer a sleek look, the cases are available in black as well as navy. Each case includes vegan leather accents, as well, which are attractive, easy-to-clean and eco-friendly.


Durable Materials & Lightweight

The exterior shells of Delsey St. Tropez luggage are built using polycarbonate. This material was chosen for a variety of reasons, but, perhaps most importantly, because polycarbonate is extremely durable and impact resistant.

Polycarbonate is also extremely lightweight and with so many airlines restricting both the size and weight of luggage, having a lightweight suitcase is ideal. This allows you to pack more of what you need without having to pay extra weight fees or sacrifice the convenience of using the overhead bins.


Safety Components

Keeping your suitcase contents safe is always crucial, and all Delsey suitcases include the patented SECURITECH zipper, which is three times more resistant than a standard zipper, so you won’t have to worry about a broken zipper on your travels. Additionally, each case includes an integrated three-dial TSA-approved combination lock for security.

Securitech zipper on a Delsey Suitcase


The Delsey St. Tropez Collection

At Travaloo, we offer several items from the St. Tropez collection. This includes a 21-inch carry-on that weighs less than eight pounds. We also offer a 24-inch suitcase and a spacious 28-inch suitcase. All include a sturdy retractable handle and spinner wheels to make it as easy as possible to navigate your cases through a crowded airport or train station.

In addition to the Delsey St. Tropez collection, we also have the Delsey Helium Aero collection, Delsey Sky Max, Delsey Chatelet and much more. You can even pair totes, backpacks, toiletry cases and bags from other collections with your St. Tropez suitcases.


Delsey Luggage Care Tips

There’s no getting around the fact that travel can be rough on luggage. A few trips in a cargo hold or even in an overhead bin can add a scruff or two to your Delsey Paris luggage. To keep this beautiful luggage looking its best long-term, we have compiled a few care tips.

For instance, did you know that the lining of your Delsey suitcase can be removed and machined washed? We highly recommend washing the lining from time to time to remove any dust or debris and keep the interior as fresh as possible. Once you’ve removed the lining, you can wipe the interior down with a damp cloth and allow it to dry before zipping the cleaning lining back into the suitcase.

For the exterior of your Delsey St. Tropez case, you can mix some warm water with gentle dishwashing soap. Wet and wring out the washcloth and gently whip down the entire suitcase shell. Then wet another washcloth with water only and wipe down the case a second time to remove any soap residue.

If you have scuff marks, gently wipe these off with an eraser cleaning pad or use a soft-bristled toothbrush with a tiny bit of toothpaste. Be sure to be gentle and clean off any toothpaste with a clean damp cloth.

Also, be sure to give the wheels a good cleaning. You can use the warm water and soap method outlined above or wipe these off with an antibacterial wipe. Be sure to spin the wheels to ensure that you’ve removed all the dirt. Once all of our Delsey suitcases are fresh and clean, store the smaller cases inside the larger ones to make storage a breeze.


Don’t Forget These Must-Have Accessories

While Delsey St. Tropez luggage is known for its roomy interiors, we do have a few items that can make packing easier. For instance, our Travelon packing cubes help keep outfits separate for easy organization and also compress clothing to increase space. The cubes also can be used to separate clean items from soiled items. We also offer Travelon compression bags on our website, which greatly can increase space in your suitcase.

While your Delsey St. Tropez suitcases include several shoe pockets, we also carry additional shoe pockets from Travelon. These can be a great way to keep shoes separate from clothing, and you can even store items such as socks inside your shoes to maximize your packing space.

Travelon also offers a handy one-quart see-through bag with TSA-approved bottles to hold all of your important toiletries, such as shampoo, conditioner and lotion. Travelon also features sets of clear packing pouches to keep everything from electronics accessories to medications organized and easy to find. These are just a few of our Travelon accessories that can make packing and traveling easier.


Order Delsey St. Tropez Luggage at Travaloo!

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